Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lets Get It Started

After my recent article made it into the Courier & Press opinions section (article below), I have been approached to help start a committee that will work on getting Evansville Moving Forward and several people have already expressed interest in joining the committee. We plan on starting out by doing 10-15 doable things and then progressing onto the big projects that Evansville desperately needs. I hope you will consider joining us too. Our first meeting is going to be this Friday February 26th at 10 A.M at Innovation Point which is 318 Main Street. I hope all of you will sincerely consider joining us as we fight to get this town going in the right direction.... If you can't make the first meeting that is fine, we will be having subsequent meetings after it.

If you are thinking about going to the meeting please email me at so that we can get an approx headcount. If you cannot no worries, walk-ins are welcome too. Tell as many people as you know and feel free to bring as many people as you can to the meeting. Lets Get It Started!!!!!

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