Monday, March 8, 2010

Please Help Us Get Evansville Moving Forward

After several weeks of deliberation, the committee that I have helped organize has decided to name itself Tri-State Tomorrow. Although the vast majority of projects will be based in Evansville, the reason we decided on Tri-State instead of Evansville for the title is because we want to improve the whole Evansville metro and Tri-State region. For me, I'd like to see projects like the high speed rail, university Earn & Learn programs with manufacturers, etc benefit the entire Tri-State region. Eventually, I'd like to see small branches of this group focus on different areas in Evansville as well as Henderson, Owensboro, and even parts of Illinois.

Our website:

Where we will be posting everything:!/group.php?gid=10150104705160244&ref=mf

Let's make the Tri-State region a better place for everyone!

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