Saturday, July 17, 2010

Please Join My Group Tri-State Tomorrow And Help Lift "The Pal" From Evansville!/group.php?gid=10150104705160244&v=wall&ref=ts

As someone who believes that Downtown Evansville and the surrounding areas has an exponential amount of potential, I have recruited some of our fellow residents who feel this same way. We meet every Monday night at 5:30 at 815 John Street, Suite 20. If you too would like to see '' the pal'' lifted from Evansville, please join us and help us out. We'd love to have you join. If you can't make the meetings but would like to do something else, feel free to email me at

Right now we are voting on which projects we would like to start out with. Here is the poll and here is a brief description of each idea...

Welcoming newcomers to Evansville with a gift basket: Similar to a "welcome wagon" idea we would obtain goodies and marketing materials from local businesses. We would then put them into gift baskets and drop them off at the homes of newly arrived residents

Baseball opening week parade and festival at Bosse Field: Bosse Field opened up with a parade. We would like to take advantage of this rich history by putting together a parade and a festival with events to be determined during the week leading up to Otters Opening Day. Ultimately, this would be a spring version of the Fall Festival.

Reycling Project where we increase the city recycling rate: We will set up recycling bins at restaurants and other businesses that don't recycle, we would pick up trash and recycles around the city, and we would work with city gov't to get bigger recycling bins in local households.

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