Sunday, November 7, 2010

Helping the ECVB & Roberts Stadium at the Same Time

For those of you who don't know, I also run the blog I have emailed Ripken Design about studying Roberts Stadium to find a useful and profitable purpose for it while keeping it intact. You can read about this at I know the last thing the ECVB or the county council wants to do is tack an additional $32,500 onto the project but I believe that it needs to be done because I am fully convinced it will save the $1.5 million (which use to be $1.25 million) costs of demolishing Roberts Stadium. I also have a plan for financing it.

After I spoke at the county council meeting last weekend about the ballfield project, the Evansville Convention & Visitor's Bureau ( the group who is undertaking this project) went back up infront of the council to request $10,000 more dollars from the council. Why? Because their Executive Director position, which has been vacated by Marilee Fowler, isn't attracting anyone they want to take the position for $88,000.

I found this VERY INTERESTING given the fact that I myself have applied for this position. For the record, I have a degree in marketing and management from the University of Kentucky, and I even provided them with this blog which has almost 50 ideas for getting Evansvile moving forward. However, I was never interviewed and the EVCB said they're recruiting team interviewed feverishly here locally and found no one they wanted to take the position, thus they now need to bump the salary up to $98,000 and add relocation expenses if the candidate is out of the area. This is almost 1/12th the budget of the EVCB for one person.

As a recent graduate, I'm willing to accept this position for $60,000 so that the remaining $28,000 can be saved for the study to save Roberts Stadium, as well as saving the council the additional $10,000. If after the end of the year the EVCB and the city aren't satisfied, they can simple let me go and start back to where they are today. It's a win-win solution that will help save Roberts Stadium. As the email from Ripken Design said, now is the time to find a solution for Roberts Stadium!

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