Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Might Be From Evansville If...

- You think Jeff Lyons is your hero

- You think the Civil War was fought on highway 41 and Pigeon Creek

- When someone calls you bossy you say, " How did you know where I went to high school?"

- You have a favorite stoplight

- You think an STD was an old wooden ship that Evansville built during WWII in the Mead Johnson's parking lot

- You eat at McDonald's because you like what he did as Mayor

- Your most famous neighbor is Roseanne

- You remember where your favorite downtown landmark is by which tree the street is named after

- You don't go to Red Bank for a loan

- You don't get the locations of Central and North High Schools mixed up

and my favorite...

- You think an arena is a stadium

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