Sunday, January 2, 2011

Check Out My New Youtube Video Endorsing Kleymeyer Park

This past week, I went over to the Garvin Park, Kleymeyer Park, and surrounding district to take some photos so that you the viewer of this blog will understand just why we need to build the baseball fields there.

We have a valuable asset in Bosse Field, just we do with Roberts Stadium, but we cannot harness it's full potential if we leave the district in the current shape it is in. This is our one chance to turn things around in that area. We cannot let these fields be built somewhere else and miss this big opportunity to revitalize the Bosse Field district.

After the current ball field plan failed, a few county council members said they would like the funds to be split among other parks. They listed a few but Kleymeyer and Garvin were not on the list.

Here is why I believe we should build these fields at Kleymeyer Park with a bridge linking them to Bosse Field...

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