Friday, January 7, 2011

We Must Be Proud Of Our Flag

These past few years, I have been to city after city across this great country and even Canada as well. No matter what city I stopped in, whether it be New Orleans, Cincinnati, Seattle, St.Louis, Louisville, etc they have always displayed their flag around town. Since most of those cities that I just mentioned are French, they usually have the fleur de lis in them which has sometimes taken a life of its own. For instance, New Orleans and the fleur de lis go hand in hand with each other. It's basically THE image of New Orleans

Unfortunately, here in Evansville we have not identified an image/symbol for our city and, in my opinion, have done a terrible job of marketing our city flag to the town. I'll give you that it is pretty hard to identify Evansville with one basic symbol like New Orleans does with the fleur de lis, but it seems to me that we can do a much better job with our city flag.

It has gotten soo bad that most Evansville residents can't even tell you what our flag looks like. If you look online, you will notice there are two slightly different color schemes for our flag...

This flag flies over the LST as well as in front of the Pagoda...

This flag can be seen in various places around the Civic Center...

Although I personally like the flag with the white circle best, we first need to define our flag with one design and one design only.

Next, we need to get these flags on the market so that residents can fly them. I can't even begin to tell you where you can buy one of these flags.

Now let me be very clear: I am NOT saying that you should replace the flag of the United States or the state of Indiana with this flag. Rather, you should fly this flag slightly lower than those two, but it should be flown as well.

If we are ever going to make our city great, we must find a source of unity and pride. Our city flag has the opportunity to give us that source. We must take this flag and establish our identity with it.

It would be nice to walk around town someday and see a flag pole with 1. the American flag on top 2. the state of Indiana flag under it & 3. the city of Evansville flag flying beneath these two.

That will be a great day!

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