Saturday, June 4, 2011

Please Support My Latest Blog Evansville Rail

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After many emails from you the viewers of this blog and my other blog asking me to create a rail only blog, I have decided to do just that. For 50 + years, there has been a pall over Evansville. This pall is mainly due to the terrible decision our local leaders made to rip up our light rail and trolley systems and replace them with roads.

If Evansville is ever going to lift the pall, we must join the rest of the world in the 21st century with our transportation. It is time to shed the old ways of the automobile and get on the rails of tomorrow.

Unlike my Save Roberts Stadium blog where I support both the new arena and Roberts Stadium, I will taking the position of supporting high speed rail, light rail, freight rail, commuter rail, cable car rail, maglev rail, and personal rapid transit but will be opposing the construction of I-69. While many believe that high speed rail and I-69 would co-exist, this simply isn't true for a number of reasons...

1. There isn't enough money to go around.
2. I-69 will destroy any environmental benefits we will gain with high speed rail.
3. High speed rail is best served by using the land adjacent to the existing track's Right-of-Way.
4. Building I-69 encourages Southern Indiana to remain shackled to the automobile.
5. High speed rail needs to be in the planning stages now, not when I-69 is completed.

I can't thank you the viewers of my blogs for all of your support. When I started Evansville Moving Forward and Save Roberts Stadium, I never dreamed how popular they would be. Although building rails in Evansville will take a lot more time than it will to save Roberts Stadium or get Evansville Moving Forward, I believe that if you the viewers support this blog as much as you have supported the other two we will be successful.

Evansville has a lot of work ahead of it to bring rails of all kinds to town, so let's get to work!

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