Thursday, January 7, 2010

Build A Ballpark, Marina, And A Ballpark Village On The Mulzer Stone Site

A quality ballpark is desperately needed in downtown Evansville. However, it must be done correctly in order for it to be a success. I believe the ballpark should be built on the Mulzer Stone Site. It should contain characteristics of PNC Park in Pittsburgh and AT&T Park in San Francisco. Over the right field wall, there should be a lighthouse which could contain a team shop or ticket booth. Past the Lighthouse should be an area where fans on kayaks can catch a homerun. A marina should be built next to the ballpark to encourage kayaking during games. Over the center field wall, there should be a windmill replica that represents Evansville’s commitment to sustainability. Over the left field wall, there should be a ballpark village similar to Wrigleyville in Chicago. Over the rooftops of the Wrigleyville replica, fans can see the Evansville skyline.

Here’s how I would pay for it: TIF funds from the entertainment district, casino revenue, food & beverage tax revenue, naming rights, Permanent Seat Licenses, bricks and statues around the ballpark.

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