Monday, January 25, 2010

A Plan To Revitalize Haynie's Corner

I will admit, I have spent very little time in Haynie's Corner. However, I firmly believe that a revitalized Haynie's Corner is essential to a downtown Evansville that lives up to its full potential. With that in mind, it's time for a massive overhaul in the Haynie's Corner District. Luckily, the city is committed to making it a thriving arts community and I have confidence that private, state, and federal grants will provide an ample boost to the revitalization movement.

What should Evansville strive for in a revitalized Haynie's Corner? Personally, I see a lot of the same things in this district as I do in the Bosse Field district. I see a need for an early 1900's theme, a need for every street to be made out of brick instead of concrete, a need for cable cars to transport citizens through the district, and a desperate need for vintage condos and lofts. To go with this, I think Haynie's Corner needs a definitive art based theme, gateway entrances and parks, and statues that depict various art time periods.

Another main issue that needs to be addressed is the condition of the buildings in the district. When I look at some of the art projects that have been done around the country, Museum Plaza in Louisville stands out to me. Louisville's Museum Plaza is a high rise building that will draw tourists to it because of its unique design. I do not believe the opportunity is ripe yet for Evansville to build a building that big in Haynie's Corner yet, but I do believe that Evansville needs to either renovate or construct additional buildings in Haynie's Corner that have a unique flare to it like Musuem Plaza.

What kind of theme should Haynie's Corner have? Coupling the fact that Haynie's Corner is a district focused on art with the idea that it has an annual festival each year, and I can't help but think that a theme similar to New Orlean's French Quarter would fit in very well there. The Alhambra has a great artistic design to it, and I think buildings that resemble the one's in the French Quarter would compliment it very well. Also, the annual festival could be upgraded so that it could include artistic floats in a parade.

If Evansville is serious about revitalizing Haynie's Corner, it needs to make changes to it like the ones I have proposed. If done correctly, a revitalized Haynie's Corner will do wonders for Evansville.

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