Friday, January 8, 2010

Encourage Small Businesses To Build Around Bosse Field And Main Street

One of the main improvements needed to Evansville is the Bosse Field district. It is a given that Bosse Field is not the future of minor league baseball for the city but it does bring something to the table: history. To improve the district, I would petition the Frontier League to move its head quarters to the area possible in the Crawford Door Sales building. I would also petition Major League Baseball to set up museums commemorating baseball’s Golden Age, the Negro League, the Women’s Baseball League, and Evansville baseball history. I would decorate the district in 1920’s attire, recruit old time businesses, and build cable car tracks that would carry citizens from one end of Main Street to the next. Long term, I believe it would be a good idea to demolish all of the buildings between Garvin Park and 1st Ave and place a miniature Coney Island there.

Here’s how I would pay for it: Casino revenue, TIF funding, State funding, tax breaks for businesses, INDOT funding, 1/2% sales tax.

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