Saturday, January 9, 2010

How To Provide The Fire Dept With More Funds

Recently, 2 fire stations in Evansville have had to be cut due to lack of funds. Instead of cutting funds from other economic development projects that will help Evansville, I propose a strategy that will allow the fire department itself to generate funds. During my time in Lexington, KY, I ate at a restaurant called FireHouse Subs. FireHouse Subs is a fire fighter themed restaurant created by fire fighters for fire fighters. In fact, they even have a foundation that is dedicated to providing fire departments with adequate amount of equipment and funds. I can't help but wonder, wouldn't a FireHouse Subs look great in the old firehouse on St. Joe road? Wouldn't ones look good next to the 2 current firehouses that are suppose to close? The city could lease the space to Firehouse Subs in exchange for a % of the profits. It would create jobs, economic development, maintain the historic St. Joe firehouse, and provide the EFD with an adequate amount of funds in order to prevent current and/or future station closings.

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