Thursday, January 7, 2010

Establish A Personal Rapid Transit System In Downtown Evansville

( is the next generation of inner city travel, and Evansville has a chance to take the lead over competing cities. As of right now, only Morgantown, WV is the only city with PRT. PRT can safely transport tourists, locals, and business leaders across downtown Evansville. It can even move goods across the network without the need to hire a truck driver. It also costs 1/3 of what light rail costs and can easily pay for itself with fares from riders.

Here’s how I would pay for it: Reallocating part of the gas tax and using fares from riders. I would also sell advertising space at the PRT stations, in the pods, and on the outside of the pods.

Here is the wikipedia article on it
Company Websites

Youtube videos

There are other forms of this as well...

Unfortunately, there have been many people who want to destroy this new technology. Unfortunately it has sometimes been Rail VS PRT and not PRT vs Auto. This debunks all of that...

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