Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Converting Ellis Park To A NASCAR SpeedPark

Although Ellis Park isn't in the Evansville metro city limits ( O how I wish it was), it still plays a pivotal role in turning around the area. It is in a great position off of 41, it will plan a major role in converting the whole Twin Bridges area into an area where people will want to visit, and it has a lot of history.

I will admit that I am no fan of horse racing. I went to several horse races in Lexington and just never understood why it still exists. It's slow/boring, it's borderline unethical on the horses, it's a dying sport, and it's not as popular as auto racing. I will take the Indy 500 over the Kentucky Derby anyday.

It seems like every year we hear that Ellis Park will be forced to close, yet somehow it is able to hold on for another year. It's time to convert to an entertainment complex that won't rely on the horse racing industry. What should be done at Ellis Park?

It seems pretty obvious to me that Evansville is a huge NASCAR town. No matter where you go, you're always walking by or standing next to someone with a shirt, hat, or jacket with their favorite driver on it. It's time Evansville took advantage of its deep love for NASCAR.

Already in five locations, NASCAR SpeedParks are a blast. At a SpeedPark, you can rock climb, play miniature golf, play video games, compete in laser tag, and race Go Karts for an affordable price. Ellis Park is a perfect place for this. The track is already there, the fan amenities are already there, and it's big enough for all the attractions a NASCAR SpeedPark would bring in with it.

I wouldn't stop there though. Since Ellis Park has quite a large amount of space, I would add one more track for a Richard Petty Driving Experience to offer rides and classes on. The track could be in the shape of a short track with high banking, a road course, or a super speedway.

Lastly, I would place a NASCAR Cafe on the site as well. A NASCAR Cafe would be keeping with the theme and would serve the area well due to the fact that there are currently no other restaurants in the area.

I can't help but feel that it is pretty obvious that a NASCAR SpeedPark offers a lot more to the region than a horse racing track, not to mention it won't be on life support each year if a gambling bill isn't passed. It's time to build a NASCAR SpeedPark on the Ellis Park site.

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