Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Introducing Evansville to CPT- Cable Propelled Transit


In previous posts, I talked about Evansville's need for high speed rail and PRT (Personal Rapid Transit). Another form of transportation that needs to be implemented in the Evansville metro area is CPT which stands for Cable Propelled Transit.

This link here will walk you through the technology http://gondolaproject.com/2009/11/07/basic-lesson-1-what-is-cable-propelled-transit/

Basically, CPT needs to be implemented in Evansville because...

1. It's the cheapest form of transportation

2. It's the safest form of transportation

3. It's clean & green

4. It pays for itself

In a nutshell, I argue the same points for CPT that I argue for PRT. Both are better than the car due to the fact that they are more reliable, kill less people, and cost less to build among many other things.

The thing that excites me the most about CPT is how ripe the Evansville area is for it. With its many hills and valleys, CPT could become a city defining attribute for Evansville. So what locations do I have in mind for CPT?

When implementing CPT, Evansville needs to take care of the main routes first. This entails placing CPT down the center of the Lloyd Expressway and down the center of Green River Road, 41, and First Ave. These main routes will ease traffic congestion, hopefully eliminating it completely in the future.

One radical idea that I wish Evansville would consider would be establishing a theme park across the river. Ideally, it would be nice if Kentucky would transfer the land over to Indiana like they did to downtown Evansville after the Earthquake of 1812. Evansville could then straighten the Ohio River forming an island between Kentucky and Indiana. A theme park and village would be set up on the island and guests would be taken to the island from downtown Evansville on CPT. A station could be set up at the top of almost any downtown building with cables going across the scenic Ohio River similar to what New York City does with Roosevelt Island.

Will Evansville ever give the island and CPT a chance? Only time will tell.

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