Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taking The Next Step To Make Reitz Bowl Even Better

There are very few football stadiums in high school football that can compare to Evansville's Reitz Bowl. With a capacity over 12,000, Reitz Bowl can be very intimidating for incoming opponents. Over the years, several changes have made Reitz Bowl what it is today. These include adding a scoredboard, artificial turf, an irrigation system, new lockers, a new fieldhouse, and a brand new sound system. So what could Reitz Bowl do to improve itself even more?

First things first, Reitz Bowl needs to see itself as not just a stadium for Reitz High School but for other teams and events as well. It is large enough for minor league football and college football. Although UE would probably never consider playing at Reitz Bowl, I believe that USI would consider it if they ever decide to add football to their athletic program. With several new minor league football leagues making attempts to get off the ground ( UFL, AAFL, National Gridiron League, & New USFL), Reitz Bowl needs to renovate to attract one of these teams. Reitz Bowl could also go after more events like Drums on the Ohio and could even loan itself out as an amphitheatre for a few days a year.

The first minor thing that needs to be added Reitz Bowl is permanent blue seats on the home side. Although the current blue painted concrete looks good, in reality, this concrete hurts some people's backs thus the need for seats. It would also make Reitz Bowl look even more professional.

Next, expansion of Reitz Bowl needs to be considered. There should be permanent seating going all the way around the stadium. Reitz Bowl is in perfect position to form a horse shoe or cookie cutter stadium design.

After that, there needs to be a few luxury boxes put in. Although it is only high school football, there is still demand for a few small and affordable luxury boxes, especially if other events are tacked on.

Lastly, I heard a rumor that a few years ago Mead Johnson Nutritionals offered to place a roof over the bowl if they would sell naming rights to them. Supposedly it was rejected due to worries over history. If true, this plan needs to be revisited. To please the people who like the name Reitz Bowl, it should be named Mead Johnson's Field at Reitz Bowl. A roof over the bowl will allow for more events to take place inside it. This, in my opinion, would make Reitz Bowl the greatest high school stadium in the nation.

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