Sunday, April 25, 2010

Redesigning the Twin Bridges

Although they are far from downtown Evansville, the twin bridges serve as both a landmark and gateway to the Evansville region. While they provide a crucial connection for motorists, they have failed to attract tourists, pedestrians, and mass transit.

With the announcement of I-69 (I don't support it) and the planning of a national high speed rail network, it's time to give the twin towers a massive overhaul beginning with the design. Yes, the twin towers do have somewhat of a good design now but it can be much better. Designs similiar to the ones in Oklahoma City, Mackinac Island, Brooklyn, and San Francisco should be taken into account when crafting a new design.

Oklahoma City....

Mackinac Island....


& San Francisco....

While I am not in favor yet of a specific design, there are a few things I would like to see on the new design including the incorporation of the current design into a larger design.

Regardless of what bridge design you may like, a modern day functional bridge must contain or set an area aside for a mass transit route, a pedestrian sidewalk and viewing area, and room for broken down motorists.

It would also help if the areas at the base of the bridge(s) were developed more such as the entrance to Henderson and the Ellis Park area.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the twin bridges were ever renovated to be the region's icon that they have the potential to be they would do wonders for the area. They could result in the development of a nice park, the expansion of downtown Evansville, and the unifying of Tri-State cities. One can only hope that the department of transportation will consider renovating the bridges.

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