Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Time for Evansville to Build a Good Recycling Center and Program

Several years back, Evansville adopted a recycling system that, while good at the time, contains several errors. First, recycles are only picked up every other week instead of every week like trash. Second, the buckets are way too small. Lastly, requiring residents to clean and separate their recycles has pushed away many people who find it easier to just pitch their recycles in the trash instead of going through the entire recycling process. Evansville needs to take recycling seriously because the city can make money off of recycles instead of paying money for dumping them.

So, what should Evansville do? One recycling system that I envy is the one run by the city of Lexington, KY. In Lexington, there is a rosie for recycles, a Herbie for trash, and a Lenny for lawn waste. Although you should keep your glass products separate, you are not required to divide your recycles or clean them. A truck similiar to a trash truck, comes around and dumps the recycles together into its bucket.

Supposedly, Evansville is going to get a system like this with a 96 gallon trash can. I support this iniative and am hoping it will come to fruition. However, I do not believe Evansville should stop there. Evansville desperately needs to create a green image and create jobs around it.

Evansville should build a recycling center that both creates jobs and is open to the public. Personally, I think a developer needs to be found who is willing to build a center on the block east of Tekoppel Block Co & west of Pigeon Creek that would contain a windmill tower, a plaza, a center with green companies, and a recycling center where residents and tourists could go see just how recycling works. To me, this would create jobs, create entertainment, create revenue for the city off of the recycles, and attract tourists.

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